Strength Over Momentum


Yesterday was my 100th class at Pure Barre! I started taking classes just under a year ago because the first year of medical school was not kind to my body. It meant so much to me that the people at my studio made it a big deal. People showed up to that class just for me, Ashleigh, the instructor, gave me a shoutout every chance that she could, and my body was feeding on the energy!

Pure Barre focuses on small, isometric movements which means you can’t power through it. “Strength over momentum” is something they always say and this statement has been so powerful for me. I am officially halfway through my dedicated board prep studying and have hit a wall with my motivation this week. Just getting into medical school takes so much strength, sacrifice, and dedication. “I can’t, I have to study” becomes one of your most common phrases and constantly feeling pressured and overwhelmed becomes your new normal. Once you’re accepted and have matriculated, you push to stay afloat and pass all of your classes. After you pass your two years of didactic learning, you then have a board exam that determines what kind of doctor you can become (Which is a different blog post all together of how many hoops you have to jump through) As I have been studying and now that studying is all I am doing, Pure Barre has been my release, my family outside of medical school, and the one hour a day all about me.

When I told my mom that I had completed my 100th class she said, “I don’t think I have ever done 100 of anything” and it got me thinking. I have done 100 something of a lot of things. Obviously, we’ve all completely 100 days of school, they always threw a party for that milestone in elementary school. I have eaten Chipotle 100 times, been to Starbucks more than 100 times, studied 100 hours many times over and one-day, I will have 100 patients and impact 100 lives. And that’s when it clicked for me.

Strength over momentum right now means even if I am not getting through my entire to do list, I am still going. I am still studying, everyday. If something takes me longer it’s because I am being thorough and trying to really learn the topic. One day that fact could be what’s standing between me and impacting a patients quality of life. Working hard everyday is enough. I am building my knowledge one day at a time and that’s what matters. Not how quickly I have read First Aid or how many educational videos I have watched.

Everyday, we get up and go to work, school, study, raise our children, push through something. Every. Single. Day. And that takes strength. Anyone can go to the gym and push through a workout, or muscle their way through not caring about form. But when you slow down, pay attention to the finer movements thats when you start to see change. That’s exactly what I’ve learned from Pure Barre, medical school and my short 24 years of life. And I cannot wait for all the lessons to come!

Thank you for joining me on my FIRST BLOG POST! Stay tuned for more medicine, life, revelations, and whatever else I feel like sharing with the internet!

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